What is Debya concrete-steel panel?

They are panels that designed with load strength and fire-resistance in mind. For new generations buildings, in addition to high speed and low-cost assembly its long lifespan and quality are reasons to choose our flooring systems.

Panels, are basically made of concrete and steel.

First, we shape the galvanized steel sheet similar to dome for making the layer more resistant to force. Then that lower sheet and upper sheet are combined with spot welding and a special method on 101 different locations on the sheets. Then we inject a special concrete mixture inside this new steel form. We manufacture properly in regards of TSE 12825 standard.

Because of the special form design and the materials, our panels are high strength, fire-retardant, water-resistant and environmental friendly.


Why choose it?

-Dome shaped lower layer makes it high strength resistant.


-Water and moisture doesn’t affect it

-Because that we inject concrete to the special formed steel, the concrete doesn’t break and erode in time.

-It provides service area for heating and cooling systems

-After assembly, it is possible to use rug covering, pvc or ceramic on top of it.

-With its adjustable foot headpiece, it can tolerate elevation difference.

-With the four foot system screwed, there wont be any unneccesary movement on the panels.


-In offices, partitionings can be applied to panel after assembly.

-In future, you can reassemble panels for different locations or pusposes.

-While assembling, if neccesary the expert team can cut the panels with special cutting machinery




Where can you use it?

  • Offices
  • Plazas and Job centres
  • Computer rooms and classes
  • Labs
  • Banks and insurance buildings
  • Telecommunication, news and media rooms
  • Airports
  • Call centres
  • Finance and education institutes
  • Intelligent buildings
  • Signallization rooms