Human Resources Policy


Human Resources Policy

With the help of it’s staff DEBYA aims to make its place permanent inside the construction industry.

Since the day it’s founded, the personnel worth is the basis that we took while managing our company.

To DEBYA, the key to success is the team spirit. For that reason we took this path with a team that values the team, qualified, research oriented, self developing.

As a family business, to DEBYA, “family” is something essential.


  • Respectful to himself and his environment,
  • Qualified and qualified in terms of personal development and work force,
  • Open to learning,
  • Knowledge and skill are adequate,
  • Aiming to develop himself and his business,
  • Productive and hardworking,
  • The change and development are keeping pace,
  • Compatible,
  • Most importantly,
  • the team will continue to work with people who have adopted the spirit.
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