Understructure Systems

Raised flooring understucture system is manufactured according to projects with galvanized steel material.

Different systems can be used depending on the load and height.

Standart  system is manufactured 15 cm finished height, but depending on the project it can be manufactured 7.5 cm.

It can tolerate the elevation differences on the area up to +/- 1.5 cm.

Foot base is glued onto the surface, panels are screwed from 4 corners to the foot casting head. It prevents the movement and noise of the panels.

Standard System

It is applied up to 45cm finished height.


-M18 galvanized 

-95*95*2 mm base

-Special casting headpiece

-Special headpiece seal


Stringer  System

I can be applied if the finished height is more than 45 cm.


In this system U-profiles are screwed to the foot and foot headpiece. It stabilizes the feet. Panels are dropped to the striped foot system and fall down with their own weight. In assembly there arent any screwing done on the corners.


The foot base is designed for absorbing the rough surfaces.

All foot models have headpiece seal.

These seals;

  • Prevents noise
  • Dispatch electrostatic charge
  • Prevents air leaking